recent work: boody newsletters.

boodywear has been a client of ours for over a year– we’ve headed up creative and editorial efforts for them across social media platforms, as well as spearheaded their ongoing website refresh. with their online presence beginning to grow, boody wanted to extend their conversation with customers beyond social media, so we pitched the idea of doing a monthly newsletter. we wanted to step away from an exclusively sales-driven approach to email, and create a conversation that customers would enjoy being a part of on a monthly basis— something that is relevant to the lifestyles they value. our solution? creating a monthly digest of thoughts, resources, and products that we think are worthwhile additions to a sustainable lifestyle– the boody lifestyle.

we spent the spring building an editorial calendar of monthly newsletter themes and content that we launched in may and have been rolling out since– from self-love to gardening and home improvement to vacationing on a budget, we’ve found ways to incorporate the boody brand into a variety of conversations around cultivating a healthier lifestyle. building these emails can be quite labor-intensive– we scour the internet relentlessly for content we feel strongly about, bug our friends for their favorite tips and tricks, and have generally taken on boody’s passion for creating meaningful content as our own. a labor, yes, but one we really love. and we’ve learned a lot of pretty awesome things about the world along the way. so, check out highlights from our content below, and some of our past editions here!