new work: kane ny.

We’ve been working with Kane NY for about a year now, a luxury skincare brand with one featured product– Serum Savant, an anti-aging serum developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kane. When Kane came to us, their brand was already quite strong– bold logo, bold box, bold claim– and they needed a team to build a creative direction and narrative that would carry that identity forward. We were more than up for the challenge. 

from the outset, we went for a visual narrative that inspires beauty, but also follows a more unexpected path than your everyday beauty brand. the product itself boasts a trifold offering: radiance, youth, and dimension. we used those three qualities as pillars that we explore alongside modernism, art, travel, and dr. kane’s new york roots.

Instagram presented itself as a clear venue for bringing these visuals forward. In the spirit of Kane’s bold brand, we decided to go big. playing with instagram’s three column grid, we design Kane’s feed not just as a series of individual images, but as an ever-evolving canvas. By composing and curating, we build Kane’s narrative as a sum of its collective parts. One piece of this story is #KaneGetEnough, an ongoing feature in which we spotlight pretty rad women in business, fashion, beauty, art, and life.

We love our work with Kane NY because it is a constant creative challenge to find unifying elements in an otherwise disparate array of visuals. We position Kane’s brand visually through the colors and textures that exist both in fine art and in the natural world– and hopefully create new and interesting ways to talk about about how we define “modern beauty.” check it