recent work: kane ny.

we’ve talked about our work with kane before: we create ongoing campaigns and content that highlight particular aspects of the kane brand in somewhat unexpected ways. beauty, radiance, youthfulness, and luxury. our aim is to curate and create. however, the brand only has two products– serum savant, and a primer– and creating ongoing content around just two products can be hard.

while we regularly remix and regram others to help bring the kane brand to life, this fall, we had the opportunity to create some original content that fits right in line with our curated aesthetics. to do so, we directed a series of photoshoots to showcase both the luxury of the brand as well as elements of natural beauty and radiance. we wanted to capture not just the product, but also focus on skin and textural softness. it was weird, natural, beautiful, and pretty damn fun. let’s be real, who doesn’t want to fill a soaking tub with milk and spray glitter everywhere?

photography by leah beilhart. art direction and production by decent workshop.