from the decent archives: m. montague.

As if our stars (and expedia notifications) have magically aligned, March has unofficially become a travel month for the Decent team. Argentina, Chile, Cuba, London, Brazil, Colombia, France – we’re doing some serious globe-trottin’ over the next couple weeks. adventure is not entirely new to us, though— as we get our passports stamped and bags packed, we’ve been reminiscing about the early days of decent, when our work took us to morocco for a month of branding, photoshoots, and serious exploration. yes, the dream is real.

almost three years ago, we got the call for an opportunity to work with m. montague, a hospitality and lifestyle brand based in marrakech, morocco. they were gearing up to open peacock pavilions, a hotel and gathering place for travelers looking for responsible alternatives to the ‘tourist trap.’ a more cohesive brand and website was needed; something that combined ms. montague’s personal and professional brands. of course, we couldn’t get the full story without heading straight to marrakech, so you know we jumped on that plane as fast as we could. we spent an intensive few weeks working directly with maryam montague herself; workshopping her brand, directing photo and video shoots to capture the beauty of her space, and building her online presence. imagine running a strategy session in a yoga retreat in morocco— yeah, we definitely had to pinch ourselves once or twice.

check out the website we created here, and some of our favorite shots below:

we can hardly believe that project was almost three years ago— safe to say, we were bitten by the bug and now we can’t wait to sink our teeth into another international project. so as we gear up for some adventures of our own, we’re looking forward to exploring new ways to turn our love of travel into something we can work with. got something in mind? get at us.