from the decent archives: dc dana.

Dana Ayers is a blogger, accidentally. She did not set out to build a public identity through her writing; she just wrote. And somewhere along the way, she created a brand. A couple years and a book deal later, she needed a brand and logo revamp – enter Decent! We loved this project because the exploration of her brand was so dynamic; how do you create a visual business identity for someone who didn’t exactly intend to have one?

Through a series of workshops, we took a deep dive into Dana’s identity as DC Dana, the storyteller. With a brand like hers, it’s really important to keep an eye on the evolution of her voice – where it’s been, where it is now, and where it’s headed.


We needed to create a visual identity that represented her process, and which would also stand the test of time as her adventures grow and shift. during our workshops, we discussed the uncertain trajectory of her brand, and the multitude of concurrent possibilities that exist. as a young brand, That uncertainty is always daunting – yet is something we choose to embrace by pursuing a logo direction more timeless in nature. ultimately, the visual identity matches where she is now; and wherever her unlikely adventures go, we’ll be following.