recent work: boody baby influencer marketing.

content marketing is a huge part of what we do— enabling brands to not just tell their story, but to create more meaningful connections with the most relevant audiences for that brand. this might mean creating newsletters full of interesting, dynamic content for users to engage; it might mean creating downloadable content with facts and resources for users in need of crucial research in palatable formats. perhaps most frequently, though, it means having a sustained and thoughtful presence on social media.

each of our clients has different needs, but the majority of them use instagram as a primary means of getting their product or brand in front of their audience. we’ve shared some of the feeds we’ve worked on with you in the past— we build these feeds visually and construct their editorial calendars with relevant messaging and hash tagging. what allows us to make their product more meaningful, however, is our work with key instagram influencers. the advent of instagram has really brought on a surge of personal/lifestyle brands that ground their relevance in their ‘expertise’ about their given niche. one of our long-term clients Boody has recently launched a new Baby brand, and we’ve really pushed our influencer marketing efforts to help get Boody Baby in front of parents, specifically. Boody is an eco-friendly line of basics made from bamboo fiber— the company itself places a lot of emphasis on their commitment to sustainable and ethical production. Strategically selecting the right influencers to feature Boody has been a crucial part of connecting the Boody brand not just with a general audience, but with parents who seek sustainable, organic products and brands that align with their eco-friendly values.

check out some of the people we’ve gotten to work with this year, and feel free to follow along with #boodybabyus!