Dan’s Headspace

Interning with the Workhorse team this summer has been an awesome experience. As a design and printmaking student at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) entering my senior year, my…

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Working Remotely

It’s been interesting to see people that have never worked remotely be thrust into remote work all of a sudden because of the current health situation. I’ve been remote since…

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Travelogue: Copenhagen

A few weeks ago my wife and I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. A modern city famous for bicycles, new Nordic cuisine, and world-class culture. Copenhagen is well known as…

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Studio: Studio Photography

We often find ourselves knee deep in content creation, which means we’re always thinking of ways to improve our production process. How do you streamline the workflow while maintaining a…

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Travelogue: European Ephemera

In recent years traveling, my wife and I have focused on packing light and resisting the urge to collect every cute tchotchke along the way. We try to travel only…

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Last month, Michelle brewed her first successful batch of homemade kombucha, which tasted surprisingly similar to the store-bought version. So she’s taken to the Workhorse blog to preach her booch sermon and convince us all to join her.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Just Do It The Night Before

TJ’s lettering design, “Just Do It The Night Before,” is quoted by Julia Rothman’s talk from the 2015 AIGA Design Week after someone asked, “When do you make time to do all your work?”

Wallpaper Wednesday: Hot Air Balloon

Today’s wallpaper comes from our talented Workhorse colleague, Greg Fisk, aka Nice Greg. Greg’s mind has been floating around for a while now, daydreaming about his upcoming hot-ballooning adventure.