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recent work: decent dumplings.

typically, when we talk about what we’ve been working on, that tends to mean client work. art direction, web design, content creation, editorial… there’s a lot to reflect on. so when it came time for us to plan our open-house, decent dumplings, we decided to have a little fun with our own brand. decent dumplings...

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work we like: ZINES.

It’s easy to feel like the majority of the information we get is from some sort of algorithmic feed – huffington post headlines, facebook, twitter, buzzfeed — websites that use mouse clicks to sell ad space. It’s the world we live in— and we are always trying to keep one finger on the pulse. That...

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recent work: environics dc.

Environics is a PR firm based in Canada with a 2nd office in Washington, DC. the dc office is much smaller and younger, with a distinct personality compared to the more traditional canadian side. They came to us looking for a website refresh that reflected their DC work and culture. We worked with them to create a...

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work we like: wastED.

if you’re like us, you’ve been watching a lot of chef’s table lately. season 2 recently kicked off, and we’ve found ourselves re-immersed in endless culinary possibilities and innovative intersections between food, nature, and technology. being that it is our very sustenance as humans, it’s not surprise that food is often a quiet yet ubiquitous driving...

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on habits.

Life is a juggling act, especially in agency life. Running a successful professional life alongside a personal, spiritual, emotional and physical life takes discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’ll do me, you do you” when personalities and projects collide. Enter “The Four Tendencies,” the brainchild of author Gretchen Rubin. She discovered four types of...

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