On The Grid: Capitol Hill

Workhorse is very excited to kick off our contribution to Hyperakt’s On The Grid. We’ve picked our studio’s home, Capitol Hill, to feature some of our favorite joints as well as give us an opportunity to discover new spots and meet some of our neighbors.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Summer Livin’

In an effort to flex our creative muscles, show off our past work and talk about our cool friends, we are launching Wallpaper Wednesday.

work we like: wastED.

if you’re like us, you’ve been watching a lot of chef’s table lately. season 2 recently kicked off, and we’ve found ourselves re-immersed in endless culinary possibilities and innovative intersections between…

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Always Improving

Here we are, over two years into our practice and our site still didn’t reflect the work we’ve been working our asses off doing. We thought we’d let ya’ll in on our studio community.

on habits.

Life is a juggling act, especially in agency life. Running a successful professional life alongside a personal, spiritual, emotional and physical life takes discipline. Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’ll…

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new work: kane ny.

We’ve been working with Kane NY for about a year now, a luxury skincare brand with one featured product– Serum Savant, an anti-aging serum developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr.…

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work we like: thinx.

we can’t ignore the ripple effects of an innovation that claims to take the hassle out of something as all-encompassing as a one’s period. the majority of menstruating humans experience…

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from the decent archives: dc dana.

Dana Ayers is a blogger, accidentally. She did not set out to build a public identity through her writing; she just wrote. And somewhere along the way, she created a…

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work we like: headspace.

  headspace’s mission statement reads – “our simple idea is to teach the world to meditate, so that everyone can live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.” this resonates with…

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new work: katana posters

to kick off 2016, we were tasked with designing a series of posters for katana, one of our ongoing clients. the posters, which now hang in the katana office, were…

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