Mood: Pantone Color Story

Each year, Pantone names a new Color of the Year—in some ways, it is one of the single forecasting announcements that professionals across the design industry all work against. To Pantone, the Color of the Year is an opportunity to “leverage the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy.” To others, it may be more of a trending design conversation that creates a whole lot of hype. So how does this particular trend forecast translate into actual work?

Following the announcement of this year’s color, we decided to take a look back at how the Colors of the Year, from 2017’s Greenery to 2018’s Ultra Violet, have influenced actual design work across media. We also had some fun exploring the new 2019 color, Living Coral, and how it’s already begun to play out.

Take a look at some of our findings via found imagery below, and enjoy!