Mood: Grocery Cult(ure)—A Trader Joe’s Takeover.

If you’re like us, Trader Joe’s is a forever mood. For many, grocery stores can seem like a dime a dozen—except Trader Joe’s, the oddball grocery store that’s developed something of a cult following, especially in the world of Content™. We’ve never seen so many blogs, podcasts, and Twitter accounts dedicated to something as innocuous as a grocery store.

There’s something about Trader Joe’s that harkens to a time when food was, well, kind of weird. Take a look at their branding—from the tiki elements interspersed throughout, to their strangely niche assortment of products—and you can see the ways that Trader Joe’s has tapped into a quirky nostalgia that keeps people coming back. So, for this week’s moodboard, we took that weird and wonderful dive into the world of 1950s grocery culture, and some of the visual inspiration behind it. Check it out below.