Travelogue: ARTBO, The International Art Fair of Bogotá

Last month, I found myself amongst some of the greatest critics, art collectors, and artists of the contemporary art world. One of my best friends and I flew down to Colombia for The International Art Fair in Bogotá (also known as ARTBO)— and were able to get a tour with her uncle, who is an art collector with a collection that would make any art appreciator swoon. smiling face with heart-eyes

ARTBO is held in a large convention center in the center of Bogotá, and this year, consisted of 62 galleries from 16 countries. The galleries and artists come from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, and Venezuela. This year, the show brought together works of modern and contemporary art from the late eighties to contemporary installations created specifically for the Site. The fair focuses on diversity and exploratory concepts on identity which makes for an extremely thought-provoking experience.

Check out a video of the event via the ARTBO feed.

ere’s a selection of some of my favorite pieces from some of the gallery booths at the fair.



These gorgeous birdhouses from the Galeria Luisa Strina gallery.
Mateo López
“New neighbors”, 2017
3D printing (bioplastic), willow tree branches, nails and spray paint
7 elements: approx. 30 x 20 x 25 cm (each) | 30 x 240 x 25 cm (total)


This bike that doesn’t conform to social norms. Nicolás Paris’ piece from the Galeria Luisa Strina gallery.
Classroom for error, 2015
Bicycle  100 x 100 x 17 cm.




This photograph that is a remarkable capture of a simple moment.
Reynier Leyva Novo’s piece From the Art Apartamento gallery.
From the series A happy day”. FC II No. 4.



This piece that has mastered the circle.
Wolfram Ullrich’s  piece from the Gallery Michael Sturm gallery.
Acrylic on steel


These are my top 4, but seriously there was so much more to take in. I really came away in awe of these amazing artists— such a diverse array of compelling concepts, and breathtaking, striking visuals. If you find yourself in Bogota during the fair next year, definitely put it on your list of must-sees, and if you’re an art lover plan your trip now so you can see it for yourself!


To learn more about the fair and the galleries this year check out the ArtBo website.
Or take a gander at their instagram– you wont be disappointed artist palette