Holiday Gift Guide – 2018

Ah…’tis the season for our favorite #content—gift guides! As all the best-of-year lists emerge, gift guides are some of the most creative and inventive round-ups out there. For us at the studio, it’s a fun time to indulge in a little nerdery as we browse the hundreds of awesome new products out there or books we wish we had time to read. It’s also a great time to check in with our friends in different creative spaces to see what kind of work they’re up to—supporting friends is a great gift that goes both ways! Either way, most of the things we ask for, we probably wish we had ourselves… uh, Mom? Are you reading this?!


Abe Garcia Partner, Strategy and Technology Director

Incase Icon Backpack

I used to own this nice hipster backpack, it looked great but only had like two pockets. Real people need more pockets, son, get outta here with that two-pocket nonsense. I looked around for something that was affordable, simple and most of all, full of pockets. Even with all of its storage, the bag is not overly bulky, which is great.

Unit Editions Books

Unit Editions is an independent publisher that puts out some of the best, high-quality, and beautiful books about design. Any of their books would be appreciated by any designer, photographer, architect, or regular human being with eyes.

Arna Miller’s Drunk Cat Posters

I first saw Arna’s work on Instagram as a set of matchbox art. She then started putting out a great collection of 3-color screen prints with this great cast of characters. A great gift for anyone that likes quality prints and/or cats (and if you don’t like cats, then you should just leave my house now). 

Ashleigh Ferran Partner, Marketing + Brand Strategy Director

Bernadette Scarf

Bandanas & neck scarves are having a serious revival. This scarf by Block Shop hits the mark with a beautiful color palette and unique woodblock print design. The socially responsible practices of the company and commitment to artisan traditions make this scarf extra swoon-worthy. 

Bread & Beauty Cookbook

I run a local event series here in DC, and this year we hosted an event with the authors of this cookbook. In it, you’ll learn about the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve and its vibrant community of local makers and growers. This book is a must-have for anyone who is interested in local food, community, and culture in the DC area

Epic Bacon

Okay, so these guys may be a client of ours, but I swear to you, this is objectively the best bacon ever. And it’s made in DC! The sampler pack would make for an excellent gift, or better yet, a dish to pass—show up with it on Christmas morning, and you will be everyone’s new favorite relative! 

Julia Dann Digital Marketing & Editorial Manager

East Fork Oval Loop Vase

I stumbled on East Fork on a recent trip to Asheville and I practically had to be dragged out. This shop has a mix of original stoneware ceramics and an excellently curated selection of home goods for the design-minded. File under: something to gift, something to keep.

She Shreds 1-Year Subscription

For the women who shred in your life, or dudes who appreciate a woman who shreds, a 1-year subscription to She Shreds is the only gift. They’re not only fun to read, but each issue is also beautiful to look at—so your friends will have you to thank for making their coffee table that much cooler. Cheers. File Under: how many times can you say ‘shred’ in a sentence

Dining In by Alison Roman

Alright, listen. I know I’m not the first person to gush to you about this cookbook, but of all the cookbooks I have, this is the one I use the most consistently. She cooks from the heart, uses flavor and feeling to name her dishes, and she’s delightfully irreverent. A great gift for yourself or for a friend!

Margaret Wedgwood Project Manager

Instax Mini

I got one a few years ago and it’s been an integral part of our household ever since. The collection of mini photos has become our sort of guest book. Everyone who comes over is required to have a picture taken of them. Note: don’t forget film, because it does not come with the camera.

Northern Hospitality with The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club

The Portland Hunt + Alpine Club is of special note because it’s where my husband and I went to celebrate after we eloped. Learn how to recreate the Norseman cocktail and live that #hyggelyfe. Skål!

Loome Kit: Pom Pom and Fiber Craft

It’s fun to make pom poms. And tassels. For real. This mini loom makes it super easy, so you can adorn all of your belongings with tiny fluff balls.

Michelle Santiago Digital Marketing & Editorial Associate

Hay Glass Jug

Everything Hay does is amazing, and this glass jug is no exception. Its wonky shape and bold color combo bring a quirky, yet refined presence into any household. This jug makes a great gift for any friend who appreciates design, styling, or just likes collecting nice things.

Rude Nude Incense Holder

I’ve been obsessed with acquiring one of these ceramic incense holders ever since I stumbled upon Liv and Dom on Instagram. What I love most though, is that all of their pieces celebrate womanhood with a style that is brazen, gentle, and playful all at once. Gift them to a woman you love, treat yourself, or better yet, do both!

Surveyor Yellow Work Jacket

Ijji makes quality, gender-neutral pieces, perfect for the people in your life that prioritize both comfort and style. The Work Jacket is great because it’s practical (peep those giant pockets) and the yellow color just makes it a fun piece to wear. Back to the pockets—think of all the snacks you could store in there. Just sayin’.

Tj Cichecki Partner, Creative Director

Luna Display

I learned about this handy hardware from my friend and awesome freelance illustrator, Travis Pietsch. It lets you easily turn your Ipad into a second display which is great for travel or drawing with an Apple Pencil. A no-brainer accessory for any illustrator who’s not ready to drop a few grand on a Wacom Cintiq.

Sun & Moon Blanket

Speaking of Travis, he just released this awesome and super soft blanket on his online shop. All of his products are hand illustrated in a really unique style that’s lost in a lot of modern illustration styles. Overall killer quality material!  

Mastermind Desk Pad

Along the theme of illustration, this handy desktop pad is a must-have for designers and the general doodler enthusiast. It lays flat and fits right in front my keyboard and serves as my daily list and overall catch-all notes. Dot grid and tear-out pages have made these my go-to desktop notebooks for the last two years. 
Happy shopping, friends! Wishing a lovely and warm holiday season to all of you this year.