May 2017

mood: communal.

as ashleigh and julia gear up for the next edition of makers meals, we thought we would take a look at what community meals mean to us. the food, the music, a diversity of people...

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travelogue: colombia.

by Michelle Santiago. Itinerary: Medellín — 6 days Cartagena — 2 days Isla Grande — An impromptu (and unbelievable) 2 days as far as travel destinations go, colombia has dealt with its fair share of...

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recent work: priori

priori skincare. all skin considered. *new project alert!* we just emerged from a two-month brand workshop with priori, a high-end skincare brand that boasts some seriously science-backed products. having just launched an online shop,...

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travelogue: fortaleza.

by julia dann. the itinerary: fortaleza, brasil: one week canoa quebrada, brasil: three days located on the almost easternmost tip of south america, fortaleza is one of the anchors of northeast brazil, and considered...

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